Pursuant to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and State Statute 118.125(1)(d) and (2)(j), the School District of New Richmond has identified selected information related to students called Directory Information.  This information is to be considered public information and may be released by the school district.  Items considered to be Directory Information are as follows:
-Name of Student
-Telephone listing
-Date and place of birth
-Participation in officially recognized activities (including sports)
-Weight, height, and grade level of athletic team members
-Dates of attendance
-Diploma and/or awards received
-Previous educational agency attended
-Photographs or videotapes for school approved publications or school approved use

While the school district must obtain and use certain information about each student in order to plan the best program possible, this need must be balanced with the right of each student and parent to privacy.  Therefore, access to school information is limited and controlled.

An annual notice to parents and eligible students regarding student records and data privacy shall be made in the New Richmond News, the official newspaper of the school district, during the months of August or September each year.  

A parent or student may notify the school that any or all of the information considered as Directory Information may not be released for that particular student.  Parent and eligible students shall notify the school district of requested restrictions to Directory Information, in writing, within fourteen (14) days of the publication of such notice in the New Richmond News, the official newspaper of the school district.   

Pictures of participants are periodically taken for promotional purposes.  If you do not want pictures of your family taken, please contact the school at 715-243-7411.

Contact the District Office prior to starting any class regarding any health concerns that may affect participation. 

By registering for a class, you are certifying that you have adequate coverage insurance and absolve the School District of New Richmond of any claim.